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Josh Burch - Love, Dreams And Trees (2015)

Josh Burch - Love, Dreams And Trees (2015)

Artist: Josh Burch
Title Of Album: Love, Dreams And Trees
Year Of Release: 2015
Genre: Folk/Rock/Americana
Label: Self Released
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Total Time: 52:52
Total Size: 123 Mb

Josh Burch - Love, Dreams And Trees (2015)

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1. Friends (4:26)
2. If I Lose My Way (2:58)
3. The Nights Of Summer (3:04)
4. Dim Light (3:24)
5. It's Not The End Of The World (3:16)
6. The Most Beautiful Thing (2:02)
7. Seems Like Nobody Cares Anymore (3:39)
8. By Your Side (2:17)
9. When You Call Me Up I'm High Again (2:45)
10. In Her Mind (3:28)
11. Did You Know I Had A Broken Heart (3:28)
12. The Last Letter Of Smokey Joe (3:31)
13. You Might Take Me Back (3:06)
14. Together (5:25)
15. Mother Nature Is Not Your Friend (2:35)
16. Lullaby (3:20)

If Lou Reed and Bob Dylan had offspring, that then morphed with the ghost of John Lennon, the result of that combination might create music that sounds like Josh Burch aka Turnbuckle Jones. Folk Influenced songs with driving rhythm. Often compared with Tom Petty, early Bowie, Roger Waters meets up with Wilco.

While the core of Burch's songs are folk-rock, when playing with his full-bodied band he delves into plush Bowie-esque rock with the underpinnings of alt-county. The beauty and the frailty of the world are lamented over with fervor in Burch's vocals. His melodies curl to drive the stories, while his lyrics illuminate the road with a sometimes-dazzling light.

Constantly writing, recording, and playing music, he has released three full-length solo albums, Not a Word, Frownin' Clown and Turnbuckle Jones. On these "folk-rock/Americana/laid-back collections" Burch features his ability to play a variety of instruments including guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass, keyboards, and pedal steel.

Burch combines his lifetime appreciation of musical instruments with fine woodworking skills building handcrafted guitars. These fundamental works of art possess a genuine combination of sound, look, and feel you will find in no other instrument. Occasionally, Burch focuses his energy creating other forms of art mixing wood and paint. These textured artworks are found under the name BJ Brown.

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Josh Burch - Love, Dreams And Trees (2015)

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